The Way of Baseball

Finding Stillness at 95MPH

Shawn Green’s career statistics can be found on the backs of baseball cards in shoe boxes across America…But numbers tell only part of the story. Shawn Green’s path to success was as grounded in philosophical study as in ballpark wisdom.

Striving to find stillness within the rip-roaring scene of major league baseball – from screaming fans to national scandals – Green learned to approach the sport with a clear mind.

In the tradition of Phil Jackson’s Sacred Hoops, Green shares the secrets to remaining focused both on and off the field, shedding light on a signature approach to living by using his remarkable baseball experiences to exemplify how one can find full awareness, presence, and, ultimately, fulfillment in any endeavor. Following his development from inconsistent rookie to established All-Star to aging veteran, The Way of Baseball illustrates the spiritual practices that enabled Green to “bring stillness into the flow of life”.  Requiring mastery of perspective and continual management of ego, the game of baseball afforded him the opportunity to explore his potential as more than just a ballplayer.

A treasure of practical wisdom and an intimate look at what it really means to ‘let go’, The Way of Baseball illuminates the creative possibilities within us all.