The Poe Boys Trilogy

The Tell Stale Start

“Entertaining and original. . . . Endlessly fun and ultimately very satisfying on every level.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review of The Tell-Tale Start audio-book, chosen's 2013 Best Book of the Year for Children.
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Once Upon a Midnight Eerie

"The clever twins, together with some new characters, must foil villainous plans and help uncover a long lost pirate treasure...intrigue as well as amusement as the clues unfold. Pen-and-ink drawings add to the quirky fun." -- School Library Journal. A Bank Street School Book of the Year for Children.
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The Pet and the Pendulum

"Telepathically conjoined twins...fall into the clutches of their mad-scientist nemesis one last time in this truly explosive series finale....A fitting conclusion to a series as suspenseful as it is less-than-earnest, in which mad science, quantum entanglement, encounters with ghosts, and sly twists on literary figures and memes all figure." -- Kirkus Reviews
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