The Pet and the Pendulum: Word Search

Find character names and places from the book — across, down, or diagonal.


Roastmasters, Pendulum, Pratt Library, Bunny, Reynolds, River Po, Mom, Dad, Manor House, Poison, Barbara, Satellite

PET & PENDULUM word search (pdf)

In The Tell-Tale Start, twins Edgar and Allan Poe foiled Professor Perry and his plan to kill one of them for his nefarious experiment. Now, in The Pet and the Pendulum, it’s the final showdown, which takes place in an old mansion outside the boys’ hometown. The Pet and the Pendulum is filled with codes, brain-teasers, humor, and cameos by the actual Edgar Allan Poe, who watches over his great-great-great-great grandnephews from the Great Beyond. You won’t want to miss the Misadventures’ exciting conclusion!

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