The Persistence of Memory

“The Persistence of Memory contrives a meeting place for memory, fantasy, and Shakespeare’s theater, with scenery and images that are unforgettably substantial and mysterious. Like Hamlet, with which the novel plays ingeniously, it is both contemplative and violent as it examines the haunting puzzles and intricacies of personality, relationship and role playing in life and in art. It manages to be intertextual and startlingly individual.”

— Barbara Hardy author of Swansea girl, London Lovers, and Shakespeare’s Storytellers

“In prose that is lyric, exacting and spare, The Persistence of Memory offers up the intriguing question: where exactly is it that stories begin and, perhaps even more puzzling, where do they end? Reading this novel is akin to peering inside the chambered nautilus, where layer upon layer delivers its own compelling account of history, where symmetry is not only to be admired but is integral to nature’s plan.”

— Jo-Ann Mapson,  author of Hank and Chloe, Blue Rodeo, and Shadow Ranch

“With lyric spirit and language, Gordon McAlpine’s The Persistence of Memory brings to life a cast of originals in Sweetbriar, a town not found on your everyday map. Set against the backdrop of a ‘linen castle’ and the backwoods Shakespearean stage of a band of itinerant players, the novel is evocative and rewarding from its strange and disturbing opening scene to the closing (or opening, rather) of its end. If all the world’s a stage, then this is one where the characters work their magic not just on one another but on the audience/reader as well. A bravura performance, beautifully wrought and effectively resolved.”

–William Wiser,  author of Disappearances, The Crazy Years, and The Circle Tour