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Book Talks at Independent Bookstores

A wonderful trio of discussions about my new novel Woman with a Blue Pencil at three of the best independent bookstores  in Southern California: Vroman’s in Pasadena, Book Carnival in Orange, and Laguna Beach Books. So many friends turned out to the events! Thanks to all for coming. And thanks to David Schwartz for snapping…

Paste Magazine Reviews Woman with a Blue Pencil

Hard-boiled detective fiction needs more writers like Gordon McAlpine. In his last two novels, the Maltese Falcon-deconstructing Hammett Unwritten and the just-released, parallel-narrative marvel Woman With a Blue Pencil, McAlpine has delivered the goods on multiple levels. In each case, he’s pulled off feats of masterly metafiction while sacrificing little—if any—page-turning punch. In Hammett Unwritten,…

Interview in “The Big Thrill”

By John Clement Gordon McAlpine’s latest novel, WOMAN WITH A BLUE PENCIL (Seventh Street Books, 2015), is an engaging and imaginative palimpsest of stories, each unfolding in piecemeal through glimpses of letters, notes, manuscripts, and excerpted passages from both historical accounts and novels. The book has been described as a mash-up of Raymond Chandler and…

Reviews for Woman with a Blue Pencil

“Woman with a Blue Pencil is a brilliantly structured labyrinth of a novel — something of an enigma wrapped in a mystery, postmodernist in its experimental bravado and yet satisfyingly well-grounded in the Los Angeles of its World War II era.  Gordon McAlpine has imagined a totally unique work of ‘mystery’ fiction — one that…

Reviews of Hammett Unwritten

“Stories within stories, mysteries within mysteries, characters within characters, birds within birds, writers within writers within writers. I know this for sure: I very much enjoyed reading Hammett Unwritten.”
-The Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading newspaper

New French Translation of Hammett Unwritten

Hammett Unwritten has been published in translation by the distinguished French publisher Editions Payot & Rivages as Le Dossier Hammett.   Featuring  elements of noir and meta-fiction, the translation should find a receptive audience among the French. A champagne toast to Gordon McAlpine’s nom de plume, Owen Fitzstephen! Le Dossier Hammett can be purchased via:…

Holmes Entangled by Gordon Mc Alpine

Holmes Entangled


Woman with a Blue Pencil


Hammett Unwritten (as Owen Fitzstephen)


Joy in Mudville


The Tell Stale Start


Once Upon a Midnight Eerie


The Pet and the Pendulum


Mystery Box


The Persistence of Memory


Orange County Noir


The Way of Baseball