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L.A. Review of Books Weighs In

FIGHTING ERASURE by Yutaka Dirks JANUARY 25, 2016 LIKE ITS AMERICAN COUNTERPARTS, my Japanese-Canadian family was interned by their own government in the horrible years after Pearl Harbor. Most of my Canadian-born grandfather’s family lost their homes in Chemainus, an island mill-town, when they were taken to a camp in the mountains of British Columbia.…

Guest Blog for Mystery Fanfare

  Is it “Write what you know,” or “Write to discover what you know”? Acclaimed author Gordon McAlpine explores this question, drawing from his experience writing the Edgar nominated novel, Woman with a Blue Pencil.  Thanks Flannery O’Connor, Thanks Dad  All students of writing fiction are familiar with the dictum to “write what you know”;…

A Great Evening at the Center for Fiction in NYC

What if your life had been erased by an editor holding a blue pencil over a manuscript? In Gordon McAlpine’s new novel Woman with a Blue Pencil (Edgar Award nominee!) he takes the reader on a meta-fictional investigation of this question. A serious exploration of racial tensions during WWII, wrapped up in a hard-boiled detective story, this…

Woman with a Blue Pencil Nominated for Edgar Award

  Mystery Writers of America is proud to announce, as we celebrate the 207th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe, the Nominees for the 2016 Edgar Allan Poe Awards, honoring the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction and television published or produced in 2015. The Edgar® Awards will be presented to the winners at…

Starred Review from Shelf Awareness

In this refreshingly innovative detective novel, Hammett Unwritten author Gordon McAlpine follows the life of a character cut–via the vicious blue editing pencil–from a novel. Takumi Sato is a Japanese-American in the Manzanar relocation camp during World War II who has written a novel featuring Sam Sumida, a Japanese-American sleuth investigating his wife’s murder. In…

Favorite Crime Fiction of 2015

Woman with a Blue Pencil, by Gordon McAlpine (Seventh Street): Don’t let all the highbrow praise for this metafictional head-spinner scare you away–McAlpine’s ambitions may be more high-falutin’ than those of the next ink-stained jasper, but he knows how to tell a kick-ass story. Even when it’s presented in bits and pieces. The snippets from…

Holmes Entangled by Gordon Mc Alpine

Holmes Entangled


Woman with a Blue Pencil


Hammett Unwritten (as Owen Fitzstephen)


Joy in Mudville


The Tell Stale Start


Once Upon a Midnight Eerie


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The Persistence of Memory


Orange County Noir


The Way of Baseball