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The Persistence of Memory

“Like Hamlet, with which the novel plays ingeniously, it is both contemplative and violent as it examines the haunting puzzles and intricacies of personality, relationship and role playing in life and in art. ”

— Barbara Hardy

Orange County Noir

“Gordon McAlpine uses his narrator’s job as a security officer at Disneyland in ‘The Happiest Place’ as an effective catalyst for a classic noir plot of betrayal.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Way of Baseball

“When it comes to writing about baseball, he’s an all-star.” — The New York Post

About the Author

Gordon McAlpine is the Edgar Award nominated author of the literary mystery novels, Holmes Entangled, Woman with a Blue Pencil, and Hammett Unwritten as well as other acclaimed novels and non-fiction. He is also the author of an award winning trilogy of novels for middle grade readers, “The Misadventures of Edgar and Allan Poe”. He…

Holmes Entangled by Gordon Mc Alpine

Holmes Entangled


Woman with a Blue Pencil


Hammett Unwritten (as Owen Fitzstephen)


Joy in Mudville


The Tell Stale Start


Once Upon a Midnight Eerie


The Pet and the Pendulum


Mystery Box


The Persistence of Memory


Orange County Noir


The Way of Baseball