Hammett Unwritten

Reviews of Hammett Unwritten

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“Stories within stories, mysteries within mysteries, characters within characters, birds within birds, writers within writers within writers. I know this for sure: I very much enjoyed reading Hammett Unwritten.”
-The Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading newspaper

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Hammett Unwritten (as Owen Fitzstephen)

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“[An] imaginative mashup of meta-mystery with meta-biography…. Fans of Hammett and noir ought to enjoy requisite shocks of recognition.”
-Publishers Weekly

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The Reviews for Hammett Unwritten are in!

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Here’s a representative sampling of recent reviews of my adult, literary mystery,  Hammett Unwritten: From The Globe and Mail: “We follow Hammett from his years with the Pinkertons, in post- First World War San Francisco, through his brilliant successes of the 1930s and into the most glamorous hotspots of New York and Hollywood until his…

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Hammett Unwritten Making Waves

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An exciting new recommendation fo my adult literary mystery Hammett Unwritten from one of the most important voices in the history of the genre: “This spectacularly original novel tells the true story behind The Maltese Falcon with Hammett himself as the detective at the heart of the search for the Black Bird.  Hammett Unwritten is…

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